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How to prevent stomach flu

Stomach flu prevention is simple if you know how. A good way to prevent the spread of this virus is to follow a set of guidelines and basic advice.

prevent stomach flu

Among the viruses that often cause the appearance of the characteristic symptoms of stomach flu, we can mention essentially four: rotavirus, norovirus, astrovirus, and enteric adenovirus. However, we keep in mind that the rotavirus tends to affect mainly children (being cause of severe gastroenteritis in children), and in turn affect adults exposed to children with the virus. Therefore people with increased risk for severe gastroenteritis include young children, people with weakened immune systems and the elderly.

Usually these viruses affect a person or group of people who have taken the same food or taken the same contaminated water. That is, these microorganisms can enter the body of the person either directly through bad food or contaminated water, or by common objects and common use such as plates, knives, forks, spoons and other utensils for eat. Moreover, it is also possible to transmit a sick person to another.

Symptoms usually appear within 4 to 48 hours after having been in contact with the virus, and among the most common name: diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. There may also be other symptoms such as chills, sweating, fever, clammy skin and muscle pain.

Tips to prevent the spread of stomach flu easily

Wash your hands properly and often
We must bear in mind that most viruses that are transmitted from one person to another, such as in the case of gastroenteritis, are produced mainly by not washing hands, or not done ultimately adequately and correctly.

Wash hands is simple and easy: first wash your hands with warm water, use soap and rub hands for 20 seconds, then rinse the hands of phenomenon and finally dry well using a towel or dry cloth. It is important that wash your hands frequently, especially before eating and cooking, having come from the street or after going bathroom.

Beware of food
It is important to maintain proper hygiene when handling and preparing food before consumption. For example, it is vitally important to separate raw foods from cooked, fully cooked food and always keep them at safe temperatures. Also always use safe water and raw ingredients.

Be especially careful with sauces such as mayonnaise, also during the summer months often cause problems such as the case of salmonellosis. Moreover, extreme consumption of fish and raw seafood.

On certain foods, keep them well chilled, avoiding those that have been more than 24 hours at room temperature. It is also appropriate not to eat those foods that we both know its origin as the time that preparation.

At the time of drinking water always tries to drink bottled water, especially if you do not know where it comes from.

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