Habits that can damage the brain

The women have some habits that considered normal, but unknowingly begin to cause damage to health and particularly in the brain. Before proceeding leading ordinary lives we think, is better analyze certain acts that are made and that these are not reflected in the daily performance.

damage brain

– Never leave breakfast, for being the first meal of the day is vital and necessary for the energy of the day. In addition, portions of this first meal should be substantial but not overly rich in sugar. The nutrients provided by the breakfast are essential for the brain to keep functioning.

– Bad Habit triggers an uncontrollable temper and unbearable basis a high level of stress and thus premature aging. We must avoid accumulating stress and concerns that cannot be controlled, because they will be the arteries of the brain that will be under attack by a hardening and deterioration in its activity.

– There are some who can not stop smoking or drinking alcohol. The first causes the brain tissue to shrink and this is which is in charge of the voluntary functions of the body. In addition, according to statistics, those who smoke in large quantities are likely to have Alzheimer’s disease in their old age.

– Sugar consumption can be harmful because besides leaving the body prone to be diabetic; can impair the absorption of proteins. The fact that there is a good absorption of nutrients and they are distributed throughout the body correctly causes the brain to minimize their functions for feeling underfed.

– Rest is important and sleep 8 hours is essential. If the brain does not regain its power during the time, you can begin to accelerate the death of brain cells. Within the same rest and sleep, there are women who tend to cover the head with the covers, but this is bad, because in that space, locked up an accumulation of carbon dioxide is generated in the brain, creating personal injury and alterations in functions.

– When a person is sick, leave aside certain behaviors, such as work or study in excess, especially when the body can no longer respond more and the brain does not feel able to fulfill their tasks. If you are not too bad, it is necessary that certain breaks are taken during activities and not overlook sleeping.