Free your body fat

We present 7 types of trainings that melt fat rapidly.

Aerobic step
Because this training involves a step or step of 20 cm in height, activated and speeds up the metabolism, and the work of the buttocks muscles and legs is stimulated. Burning calories: up to 400 in 30 minutes when performed in high impact.

melt fat rapidly

It is a more intense exercise; it is not running, but running at a moderate pace. To increase the intensity runs uphill, on the beach or on the slopes of volcanic rock, which increases the elimination of calories. Note that this sport can injure your knees, especially if you have many extra kilos. To avoid this, make sure you get special running shoes. If you want to increase the burning of calories, do running intervals/sprints. Burning calories: 300 in every half hour at the same pace.

Hop on a bicycle to remove what you have. Go to the park or take a spinning class. These have become very popular because these are ideal way to melt that extra fat without hurting knees. To make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit from this exercise, gradually increase the resistance of your bike. Burning calories: 500 in 45 minutes.

It is exercise for the whole body that will help to increase and tone muscles, and rid of the fat that covers them, at the same time will protect your joints from stress caused by other exercises. Burning calories: 500 in 30 minutes at steadily.

Sometimes you do not need a session of cardio training to accelerate the heart in order to get results. With weight lifting you can do if you make cardiovascular exercise routines in circuits with minimum rest. Try to incorporate weight training for the whole body and do not overload, focus more on increasing the number of repetitions that the amount of kilos you lift. Burning calories: 300 in 40 minutes.

Interval Training
Although running, walking and biking are great exercise to burn fat, interval training (alternating between several types of exercise and rhythm in training), can produce better results. To change the intensity of your workout, try jogging for five minutes and then walk quickly and vigorously for five minutes, repeated as many times as you want. Burning calories: 300 in 20 minutes.

A new sport in the United States has become a lifestyle. In Mexico and Latin America began to spread successfully. It consists of a lightweight, followed training session from 12 to 15 minutes of cardio/strength without interruptions. Run seven to 10 repetitions of each of the four exercises as a circuit. At the end of the fourth step, starts again with the first, without resting. Burning calories: 300 in 15 minutes.