Dumbbell Exercises for shoulders and back

Dumbbells are useful to tone, increase muscle mass and mark perfectly the muscles throughout the body, as well as help lose weight and improve our position. In this note we will learn some good routines to work shoulders and back with dumbbells in the home or gym.

dumbbell exercise

Sessions, repetitions and rest
Working with dumbbells is a cardiovascular activity. As such, how to perform activities properly is serving a minimum of three training sessions, with about 20 to 30 repetitions per session, and a cycle of rest between each session. This mode allows you to burn fat, build muscle, and improve circulation and oxygenation during training. In addition, working sessions with breaks and let’s sees results faster, and you can insert each session with crunches, lunges or squats for a more complete workout.

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells
Using weight dumbbells mild to moderate, you can work shoulders doing these exercises:

Military Press:
Sit with your back straight and knees apart, feet firmly installed onto the floor. Take the dumbbells and lift them up to the height of your ears, leaving the arms parallel to the floor and your elbows bent and out. Lift up stretching arms, always leaving the palms to the front, and down to the starting position this is a repeat. Do 20 repetitions per set, in three series.

This performed standing, feet slightly apart and firmly installed, and dumbbells palms taken into the body. For front raises, raise each arm until it extended parallel to the floor, the repetition is complete once again high and the original pose both arms. The sides are made by raising the dumbbells with your arms straight and to the side, leaving the arms parallel to the floor. These can also be made with torso bent, on the exercise bench.

Dumbbell exercises for back

Back exercises with dumbbells are:
Rowing: Place one knee bent on the bench, and torso leaning forward, resting free hand if you prefer hand and letting the dumbbell toward the floor. Keep your back straight; lift the elbow up above the head and dumbbells to chest height. Then go back to the original pose, doing 20 reps and three sessions with each arm.

Pullover: Lying on the bench and the blades supported, making the dumbbell with both hands and bring your arms up, and then lower them to be parallel to the floor. Raise the dumbbell until returning to the original position and fulfill a recurrence. Do 20 repetitions in three sessions.

Shrug: Standing with feet slightly apart, making the dumbbells with arms stretched and released, to the sides of the body. Bend your knees slightly and then rises shoulders, almost like when you make a gesture to say that you ignore something. Repetition is fulfilled to raise, hold one second and return to the original pose.