Broccoli coffee: New in healthy drinks

If you are a coffee lover, but you do not really ‘like’ it very well either to the stomach or the caffeine impacts you badly, the best option for you has arrived: broccoli coffee.

Scientists from the company HORT Innovation and CSIRO, Australia, have created the broccoli coffee. According to specialists, this was thought in order to eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day.

It is a broccoli powder that aims to preserve the nutritional value and flavor of the vegetable and thus take advantage of the benefits it brings to our health.

This alternative of broccoli powder had already begun to be used in certain dishes. Seeing that this worked, the scientists decided to add it to a beverage that much of the world’s population consumes: coffee.

This mixture of coffee and broccoli provides more benefits to the body than we think.

broccoli coffee

Benefits of Broccoli coffee

The substance that contributes mainly to the great virtues of broccoli and other brassica plants is sulforaphane, which is known to have very positive effects in the prevention of some types of cancer.

This compound is obtained when another substance present in the plant, called glucoraphanin, is hydrolyzed by the enzyme myrosinase. Therefore, to obtain the beneficial effects of broccoli, the interaction of glucoraphanin and myrosinase is necessary to give rise to sulforaphane.

Among the benefits of broccoli, which has also become a trend on social networks, highlights its ability to eliminate ‘bad’ cholesterol from the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases and, therefore, protect heart health.

In addition, its high content of chromium, a mineral responsible for regulating blood glucose, prevents high blood pressure. Another aspect to keep in mind is its detoxifying and antioxidant power, which helps to purify skin, eliminate toxins and keep free radicals at bay. And last but not least, this coffee and broccoli-based drink is rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which makes it an essential ingredient to maintain the healthy and strong bones.

Its caffeine content stimulates the body, so it keeps us alert at all times; it is an excellent option to ‘wake up’.

How To Prepare Broccoli Coffee

To make this revolutionary drink, more specifically the powder on which it is based, the entire piece of broccoli is subjected to a special preservation and dehydration treatment, in which only those vegetables considered unaesthetic participate in the market. That is, those specimens that are less appetizing in the eyes of the consumer because of their appearance. With this system, food waste is avoided and its original flavor, composition and nutrients are used. One tablespoon of this product corresponds to one serving of broccoli and is intended to be mixed not only with coffee, but also with smoothies, soups or baked goods.

However, although it seems like a very original drink, it is not the first time that coffee and vegetables have formed this curious tandem:

Avocado Latte

As its name suggests, this delicious elixir from Australia consists of using the peel of an avocado as a container for coffee. A combination that has swept countries where this ‘superfood’ is already causing a solo sensation such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia or Hong Kong. What started as a viral phenomenon on Instagram has finally led to a culinary trend that does not quite convince critics and diners, despite the fact that coffee acquires a roasted flavor, similar to nuts, tasty and succulent for some palates.


Some specialty shops are already experimenting with the combination of instant coffee and mushroom extract powder, which go through a process similar to broccoli. According to a study carried out by the ‘International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms’, the mixture of both ingredients is very beneficial for calming disorders such as anxiety and insomnia.

Especially if varieties such as reishi or ganoderma are used, which contain antioxidant properties, fight the harmful immune responses of our body, improve memory, stimulate circulation, fight fatigue and reduce cholesterol level. Although they can also have side effects, especially ganoderma, so a medical consultation is recommended prior to consumption.


And we return to Australia, to the Locals Corner coffee shop in Sydney, to discover this surprising creation, very similar to Avocado Latte. In this case, the vegetable chosen is the carrot, which is hollowed out and serves as a container for the coffee chosen by the customer. However, some have already highlighted its lack of comfort due to the size of the vegetable and the leaks that sometimes spoil the tasting.

Tomato cortado

The person behind this invention is Conor Poull. It is the typical mixture of espresso and milk where the crust of a hollow tomato takes over from a conventional cup. However, despite the praise of its creator, Poull has also recognized that it is a drink whose initial purpose was to succeed on social networks and thus attract more customers to the establishment.