Lemon properties and health benefits

lemon properties

Originally from India lemon has been used for centuries not only as food but also for therapeutic purposes. The Greeks used to use lemons as flavorings, and that is where they discover that it has a therapeutic treatment for those people who had diseases or problems. In addition, also they drank lemon water, a way to disinfect the area and accelerate the healing process of the affected area. In the case of America, this plant was used medicinally and ornamentally. This fruit became important when in the eighteenth century, the sailors used it to combat scurvy, a disease that was caused by lack of vitamin C.

lemon properties

The lemon belongs to the Rutaceae family and its scientific name is “Citrus limonum risso”. Most importantly, always consume the fruits of lemon fresh and avoid those that do not have a firm and shiny appearance.

Beneficial properties of lemon

The beneficial properties of lemon are multiple as it cleans, nourishes, softens and refreshes the entire body, as well as possessing curative principles, being a staple of natural remedies and may consume as juice, teas, tonics and some therapeutic blends.

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