Exercise: firm body in 5 steps!

firm body

With the time and over the years, the body is losing strength and it is very important to keep exercising. But not a matter of mashing, with five simple exercises you can still bragging about having a firm body that defies age.

firm body

The aim is to work the areas that are really the who lose firmness with a few simple exercises that can be done at home every day and for a short period of time because it is enough with 15 or 20 minutes, you can take over the day because no matter whether you do it in the morning, afternoon or evening. The important thing is consistency.

First of them is to work the arms. With dumbbells or with some bottles of water you have to pick up and extend your arms too subsequently by flexing muscles by the elbow up and until the weights or bottles almost touching the chest. The movement should be slow and controlled, having to exercise in breathing control also to make it more effective. This way, when the arms are extended it is necessary to take the air.

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