Child Health – Chickenpox


Chickenpox is a common contagious childhood disease. The disease occurs mainly in children, because most adults have become immune to. The severity of chickenpox is small unless newborns, pregnant women and adults are infected with it. They experience the illness as violent and have a greater chance of complications. What is chickenpox? How do you get it? How do you deal with? And when should you go to the doctor?


Chickenpox is characterized by spots, blisters and scabs on the skin. It is a very common childhood disease. 75% of the people get chickenpox between the 1st to 6th years of life. When the disease among members has had one here is generally immune. If the disease is a mild disease course had then the chance that a child again in a load can get chickenpox. A mild course of disease is most common in babies until their first birthday, as they have antibodies to that time with them that they have inherited from their mother.

The probability that an adult gets sick of chicken pox is very small, even if they never become infected with the virus. Over the years, builds a person had sufficient antibodies to counter the disease at bay. Touch your old age will become infected the disease process and potential complications are more severe than in children. Even newborn babies and pregnant women will experience severe disease.

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