Irrational fears: Phobias


A phobia is a disorder in which, irrationally, appears anxious when exposed to living things, objects or different situations. You may receive a phobia against people, animals or objects, such as doctors or nurses, dogs, spiders, snakes, blood, injections, etc..


You may also receive a phobia varied situations, such as flying, being in enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), in open spaces (agoraphobia) or in certain social situations (social phobia), such as public speaking, to take an examination, etc.

The underlying problem in the case of phobias is anxiety. The anxiety, which can be generated by an internal conflict, rather than linked to the conflict, is shifted to a particular object or situation, which is invested with the anxiety and gives rise to so irrational anxiety or fear appears in connection with the object or situation causing the phobia.

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