Treatment for Acne

acne problem

The acne is a much hated word, especially in young people because most are the ones who suffer most, but no one is free of suffering.

acne problem

What is acne?

The acne is a skin infection that is causing us the annoying pimples or blackheads. This includes whiteheads, blackheads and red, inflamed patches of skin.

When we suffer from acne?

    • We can distinguish acne, because it presented a few bumps on the skin. This happens when the foot holes are plugged. That is, when a pore becomes clogged, we get a point.
    • Each pore has access to a hair and a sebaceous gland. This gland secretes oil that is responsible to help eliminate old cells and helps keep skin soft. When this gland secretes too much oil, pores begin to clog giving way to accumulate lots of dirt, dead cells or bacteria. That’s when a plug is formed.

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