Urine Retention

Many questions revolve around what happens if our urine expelled at the right time. Can you get to really damage our organs? The answer is yes and that is why we then talk of urinary retention, a problem that does not distinguish age or gender.

urinary retention

It is that children on the one hand put aside urinating for continue playing and adults on the other think only fulfill their labor tasks first. These are some of the reasons why people retain the urine without knowing what it can cause.

The kidneys are the main organs affected in the case to hold urine, and it is important to know which are extremely important because they are secretory glands of the urine, and which function to filter blood (200 liters) of the circulatory system, which results in excretion through the urine.

The problems that can cause urinary retention in different ages and genders are summarized as:

  1. It can cause pelvic tumors and urinary tract infection in women.
  2. Diseases of the prostate in elderly men.
  3. In diabetic neurogenic bladder
  4. For those with a retroperitoneal disease, kidney or urinary retention functional.

To assist this problem back, it is essential to consume two liters of water per day, and in the event of any calculations, three liters per day. Of course, if the problem gets worse it is advisable to resort to our family doctor or a medical specialist in the subject.

Remember that health is first and then everything else, work, family, etc, and that what seems irrelevant may become an irreversible disease that can lead to worse outcome. Follow our advice and do not miss the doctor.

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