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Leg exercises for cellulite

Cellulite is present anywhere in the body, but especially in the legs. To fight it, there is nothing better to do toning exercises. These simple exercises to shape them, tone them, and help reduce the ugly appearance.

leg exercises

To perform these exercises you should have comfortable clothing, natural fibers, and have enough space at home. Practice these workouts two to three times per week; it is the regularity which will give better results in short sessions that do not cause pain or discomfort.

Exercise to eliminate cellulite legs
Spread a mat or prepares the surface where you can lie down on your back. After warm up doing some joint rotations and gentle stretching, now you can start to practice.

Lie face up on the mat, and then bend your legs to let your feet flat, about 40 cm from the hip. Now push yourself upward, i.e., elevates the pelvis to form a sort of bridge, leaving the arms at the sides and shoulders well supported by the floor. By doing so, contract your abs and buttocks. You will notice that your quads are incurred. Hold that position for about 10 seconds, then drop slightly loosens the hip, and back to do the movement and posture. Repeated about five to six times, then rest for a minute, and performing this cycle twice more.

Leg exercises with greater intensity
When you have practiced this workout for about two or three weeks (two to three times per week), you want to raise the intensity of the exercise. To do this, lie on your back on the mat, bend your knees to get the starting position, but this time stretching one leg, bringing the foot upwards. No need to stretch too much, not to be annoying or uncomfortable. With the leg up, lift your pelvis and this time hold the position for about five seconds, with abdominal and buttocks tensed, and then low.

Then switch legs, performing the same exercise with the other high. Repeat six times to maintain high three times each leg, rest, and then repeat the cycle two more times.

Perform this exercise two to three times a week to have sensational legs, thinner and toned, and free of annoying cellulite evidence.

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