Circulation problems in legs

Many of the problems of circulation in legs are often due to a genetic predisposition. These types of poor circulation in the legs are usually accentuated in summer with the rising temperatures and the arrival of the heat. The causes lie in the circulatory system which has the task of pumping blood to the heart.

Circulation problems in legs

Tired legs: Causes
The movement of the legs depends on the proper functioning of the blood in the veins of the legs. The stagnation of the blood causes the appearance of varicose veins or edemas.

The position of the legs has an important role for the proper functioning of the circulatory system. So we do not recommend sitting or standing for long periods of time as these conditions favor the accumulation of fluid in the legs.

Circulation problems are symptoms with swelling, discomfort, feeling of heaviness, and tingling in the legs. In some cases the disorders that become more pronounced may become difficult daily life and may even lead to serious diseases.

Prevent circulatory problems
First you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a diet rich in fluids, fruits and vegetables. During the working day, it is important to change positions several times and stretch your legs periodically every hour, taking a few steps or sit and rub your legs if you are standing for a long time.

In summer must also take additional precautions, such as avoiding prolonged exposure to the Sun and hiking during the hottest hours of the day.

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