The virtues of the cucumber on the Mediterranean diet

December 9, 2011

The cucumber is the quintessential food of any self-respecting regime. However, many people who complain of being a product indigestible. Despite this small drawback, you recognize virtues anticancer properties and excellent care skin tone. The cucumber and slimming regime Cucumber is a fresh vegetable. Composed of 95% water, is part of food that have less calories. Therefore, it is an excellent ally for those who undergo a hypocaloric diet to…


The diet of diabetic children

diet for children
October 24, 2011

There is not an ideal diet for children with diabetes, only to watch his diet and take precautions to not have consequences. Diabetic babies can eat normal schedules and take insulin depending on their level of glucose in the blood. After infancy, the doctor will often recommend a diet plan based on consumption of fiber, low sugar, varied food. Measures the most important to have a healthy diet and consume…