Lemon properties and health benefits

lemon properties
May 3, 2012

Originally from India lemon has been used for centuries not only as food but also for therapeutic purposes. In ancient warriors and proved the benefits of this citric applying it to their wounds through cloths previously soaked in fruit juice and in addition also it drank, a way to disinfect the area and accelerate the healing process of the affected area. The lemon belongs to the family Rutaceae and its…


Home remedies to prevent belching

remedies for belching
May 2, 2012

Burping is a natural event after eaten. It is unnecessary expulsion of gases in the stomach while drinking, swallow or talk. It is usually a little uncomfortable when we are around other people, it is therefore necessary to learn some home remedies to avoid burping. Remedies for belching Cold Milk Cold milk has proven to be effective in reducing heartburn. Relieves burning sensation and prevents gas formation in the stomach….


Ideal food for diet

January 11, 2012

In this article we will talk about foods that have great mineral wealth and lots of health benefits and are ideal for the diet. Of course, as we cannot talk about all going to describe the properties of some foods that we have chosen because they are easy to find in the supermarket. First, we will make mention of turmeric, which is characterized by grant to any food dish or…