Avoid Leg Cramps

The cramps in the legs represent an involuntary muscle, and may include both a muscle as a muscle group and is a condition that is often extremely painful, very common in older people, but so is among athletes.

leg cramps

Healthy tricks and tips to treat leg cramps

Drinking liquids: The abundant consumption of liquids is the most effective natural tips to prevent leg cramps, and since dehydration is one of the most common causes that produces muscle cramps, must take into account that the consumption of liquids in this case does not include drinks with caffeine or alcohol, being diuretic and cause an opposite effect on the system.

Proper footwear: Inappropriate footwear motivates the appearance of leg cramps by not allowing proper support, so the choice of footwear is essential to prevent the condition.

Stretching: Stretching the muscles with gentle exercises prior to exertion or strenuous exercise, is the best choice to prevent leg cramps and can also perform it before going to sleep when suffering from the condition regularly.

Magnesium: A poor diet may be responsible for the occurrence of leg cramps, as the lack of minerals such as magnesium has a direct relationship with their appearance, so it is not advisable to strict diets or impoverished by lack of variety. We recommend the use of magnesium supplements when you have constant cramps.

Relaxation: When the cramp in the legs occurs at night, little you can do to relieve the pain, but the best way to get that pass soon is used to mind through self-control will induce a natural relaxation and promotes relief from the condition.