When not to use vibration machines

vibration machine
February 29, 2012

Currently the trend is exercised in vibrated machines, a trend that grows and several sporting venues included in their bids. These machines take advantage of the vibration and movement of the body to tone and strengthen muscles throughout the body. But sometimes we overlook the contraindications that may be. Although it is training accessible to all, not everyone can use these machines. People who suffer an injury should avoid these…


Antipsychotics can increase cardiac risk

February 26, 2012

Antipsychotics, which had already given warning signals, increase the risk of developing heart disease by simply taking it for a few months, a new study. Among patients treated with these drugs are schizophrenics, which usually have a shorter life expectancy, so you have to deal with the role of antipsychotics in heart disease, said Debra Foley, Center for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, Australia. It is known…


Evening primrose oil: vitamin E and premenstrual syndrome

evening primrose oil
February 24, 2012

Today I remember a fatty acid that give very useful in Orthomolecular Nutrition and helps improve PMS. The evening primrose, associated with vitamin E. The Evening Primrose is a plant whose qualities have been so little known eighties. But research conducted in the early eighties showed that evening primrose oil has some interesting medicinal properties. The oil extracted from the seeds of evening primrose is very rich in essential fatty…


Prevents diseases: heart care

heart care
February 21, 2012

One of the most effective ways to stay healthy is taking care of our heart. If the main muscle that keeps us alive in good health, it is likely that all goes well. The opposite can lead to serious or even fatal. We give below some basic tips for the heart remains strong: Do not smoke: it is estimated that the risk of heart disease in smokers is more than…


The hidden depression in young

depression in young
February 19, 2012

We live in a troubled world, changing rapidly, where it was worth it yesterday and not today, where the constant bombardment of news, where nobody knows where it is. This produces a general disorientation that is especially evident in our young people: more and more alarming cases of depression but not always detected. Increasing numbers of young people who go to medical consulting suffering from this or that muscle pain…


Dignicap: an alternative to save the hair in chemotherapy

Dignicap testing
February 16, 2012

For women with cancer, hair loss can be devastating. However, there is a clinical trial a device that can save their hair, Called “Dignicap”. It’s used to cool the scalp during chemotherapy. According to investigators, the scalp cooling reduces blood flow to this and follicles, to build the capillaries. Less blood means less damage to the follicles, and less hair loss. Before chemotherapy, an investigator placed a cap refrigerator directly…



February 14, 2012

If you have blurred vision or it is good but has headaches, rolling eyes or other discomfort, you may suffer from astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition that prevents the eye to form a clear image on the retina. This is usually due to an irregularly shaped cornea (the clear outer layer that covers the front of the eye). Sometimes, astigmatism is due to scarring of the cornea or abnormalities in…


Cardiovascular Disease

cardiovascular disease
February 10, 2012

What are cardiovascular diseases? The CVD are a class of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels (arteries and veins). In most cases, this is due to the progressive effects of atherosclerosis in the arteries. Common examples of cardiovascular disease are related to coronary arteries, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. What are the symptoms of cardiovascular disease? Symptoms of cardiovascular disease depend on the location of the disease in…


Idiopathic Hyperprolactinemia

The classification of hyperprolactinemia based on its etiology aims to provide an individualized diagnostic and therapeutic approach. It can distinguish five different groups of this pathology: iatrogenic, reflex, secondary to hypothyroidism, idiopathic and tumor. With the end of idiopathic hiperprloactinemias are included all that could not be included in any of the other categories (iatrogenic, reflecting, thyroid, etc..). They are very common, although the percentage is reduced by increasing the…

February 8, 2012

Natural medicine as a solution to circulatory problems

natural medicine
February 5, 2012

No doubt people go to a specialist when illness occurs, get your doctor’s instructions but in many cases do not comply with the letter. Whether the side affects that can produce drugs or the high cost of these, there are a lot of individuals who favor the use of natural products, known as natural medicine. This term is intended primarily as a preventive medicine, which at the time of attending…