White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kits


We all know that the best way to switch to an electronic cigarette and enjoy a pleasant, authentic smoking experience from the very start is by choosing a high quality starter kit to begin with. White Cloud understands this as well and is now offering an array of Cirrus starter kits and e-cig packages for us to choose from.


The Cirrus 3 X starter kit, for starters, offers a stunningly long battery life and the best smoking experience. The vapor volume is very high and the battery lasts more than three times as much as other e-cig batteries. This is possible because White Cloud has been developing their own proprietary e-cig technology to make the batteries lighter and hold more power at the same time.

The Cirrus 3 X starter kit includes 3 batteries, 5 signature SmoothDraw cartridges, a USB charger and a wall adapter. These are all the items you need to start using the electronic cigarette right away. Most of you may think that WC Cirrus is frickin expensive, but in terms of value and benefits White Cloud C3X starter kit is actually one of the best on the market. Besides, you will be saving a lot of money on cigarettes in the long run, allowing the starter kit to eventually pay for itself.

The twin-battery kit from White Cloud known as the Cirrus 2 is just as interesting. It offers a more affordable option to those with limited budget for switching to an electronic cigarette. You can expect the same long-lasting batteries and signature refill cartridges from this starter kit, but the price of it is affordable enough for most e-cig users. There are also discounts and special offers to claim, allowing you to save more on the e-cig starter kit while earning bonuses in the process.