Reiki for stress

December 11, 2012

Alternative therapies have become an excellent choice to improve our health and treat chronic diseases. And when it comes to energy, Reiki is a pioneer. Today, we tell you what this technique! This practice, from Japan, has become an ideal choice for many patients seeking complementary treatment for their ills. It consists of healing through the energy generated by the imposition of hands on a point of pain.


The Reiki: All its properties!

reiki properties
October 24, 2012

The word Reiki comes from Indian classical language (Sanskrit), universal meaning energy (Rei) and vital energy (Ki). It is a technique that channels the energy and transmits it to our body to generate the balance inside. Many of its properties have been discovered in recent years. And that is why we want to emphasize the importance of Reiki; it is a technique that has spread very quickly. But let’s find…


The reiki: Relaxation and healing with the hands!

October 6, 2012

Reiki is an Eastern technique of curing diseases that increasingly is having a peak, but still remains largely unknown in the Western world, since, like most of the techniques from the eastern part of the world, still considered something mysterious and little scientific basis, although there is evidence that it is not. The reiki consists in the healing of physical or mental disorders through the imposition of hands in the…