Traumatic stress: How to overcome

traumatic stress
May 20, 2012

Many societies in the world suffer from a progressive deterioration in their quality of life by different factors such as lack of opportunity in employment, economic inequality, family breakdown, a terrible justice. All this means that people in many places in different parts of the world face daily high rates of crime in the past were difficult to imagine. The most important symptom of PTSD is that the person who…


Anxiety: Concept, types and how to treat

April 28, 2012

Anxiety and fear are two related but not equivalent concepts. Fear is a normal body reaction to situations involving an external threat, since an increase in heart rate and level of alertness of the organism and other characteristic signs we have all experienced at one time when we felt threatened or endangered. Anxiety is an unpleasant sensation accompanied by signs and symptoms similar to those found when we feel afraid,…