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carbohydrate foods

Carbohydrate foods for the body

The body needs many nutrients to function, including one of the most important are carbohydrates. Thanks to them, you have the sufficient energy to be able to give...

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controlling your diet

Improve your health by controlling your diet

Health is the most important factor for a person to proceed the life. A person who does not have a proper health cannot make a happy living. In this hectic life...

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paleo diet

Changing Your Diet to Feel Better

When you’re not feeling well, one of the main things which you start thinking about is your diet. There are many foods which can make you feel unwell, and...

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soya lecithin

Soya lecithin: benefits that it offers to our health

The soya lecithin is derived from soybeans and it is a dietary supplement with many nutritional properties that benefit our health, so today we will do a review...

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diet against cancer

Diet against cancer: fiber and micronutrients

Follow a healthy life style is the best shield for our health, and not only as an effective preventive measure to reduce the risk of cancer but also other diseases...

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Magnesium carbonate: Perfect natural complement to the diet

Magnesium carbonate: Perfect natural complement to the diet

Have problems with constipation and/or gases? Well thanks to magnesium carbonate you will not have it again. While it is true that we should ask the opinion of our...

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diet gives hungry

Does the diet gives you hungry?

Can you not follow the diet? The serious problem is that while you limit your diet to a few dishes, which also serve in limited portions, you can not stop thinking...

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gastritis avoid food

What you can not eat if you have gastritis

Do you have gastritis? This is a stomach problem that causes us a lot of discomfort and distress. Today we will give you tips on what to feed and what to do when...

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healthy carbs

Fit Healthy Carbs Into Your Daily Diet

Carbohydrates have been demonised in recent times to such an extent that dieters actually shudder at the very thought of consuming carbs in any form. However, despite...

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eating carbohydrates

The truth about carbohydrates

Surely you’ve heard a lot about carbohydrates. Well, in the next article we tell you the truth and clarify all your doubts. In recent decades has been installing...

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