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memory problems

Deal with memory problems

Forgetting where parked the car; do not remember the phone number that we must mark, or the name of the son of our best friend; some of the situations that should...

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breathing technique

Breathing technique against fear and anxiety

Breathing not only allows our survival in its most basic form, it can also help to calm the anxieties and fears, and our moods change and renew our energies needed...

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information fatigue syndrome

Information fatigue syndrome: That does not affect you

Everyday our brain receives an enormous amount of information to be process and respond. But the excess, as in all aspects of life, it is also harmful. medianet_width='300';...

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seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are the dark days of autumn and winter make you want to hibernate? Do you want to eat greasy things, caloric and sleep all day? Since you may have the seasonal affective...

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fight Alzheimer's

Daily exercise helps fight Alzheimer’s

If there is a disease concern and much is Alzheimer’s. So they are increasingly frequent in research being conducted around the world about this mental illness. Exercise...

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traumatic stress

Traumatic stress: How to overcome

Many societies in the world suffer from a progressive deterioration in their quality of life by different factors such as lack of opportunity in employment, economic...

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Irrational fears: Phobias

A phobia is a disorder in which, irrationally, appears anxious when exposed to living things, objects or different situations. You may receive a phobia against people,...

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Anxiety: Concept, types and how to treat

Anxiety and fear are two related but not equivalent concepts. Fear is a normal body reaction to situations involving an external threat, since an increase in heart...

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troubled relationship

Healthy body a healthy mind

The appearance of conflict or instability in psychological or mental disorders can lead to manifest through physical symptoms or signs of physical illness. Thus,...

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Antipsychotics can increase cardiac risk

Antipsychotics, which had already given warning signals, increase the risk of developing heart disease by simply taking it for a few months, a new study. Among...

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