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male workaholics

The problem of male workaholics

Many men work tirelessly and in most cases state that this work is aimed at exhausting the personal welfare of his family. medianet_width='300'; medianet_height=...

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prevent prostate cancer

Diet against prostate cancer

Let’s see how we can protect the prostate and prevent serious diseases with a proper diet. A wide variety of foods that help a maintenance of this important...

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artificial insemination

What you should know about artificial insemination

First of all the affected couple should seek and take into account your medical history. The first step after the medical history is often the exploration of the...

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male incontinence

Urinary incontinence in men

Incontinence is not confined to men of a certain age. This is a male problem that occurs in young people too. According to a recent study, men think it is a severe...

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cosmetic surgeries for men

The most common cosmetic surgeries for men

There are a lot of times that cosmetic surgery is no longer a territory only woman; men also are tinkering with the help of cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery...

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