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Keeping Skin Looking Healthy As We Age

As we age, sun damage and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can cause skin to become thin and fragile, or papery. This is often referred to as crepey skin....

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therapy for stress

The best therapy for stress

Sometimes the consequences of a hard day of work, is looking forward to an event that need to happen, chores at home, and a myriad of things can increase stress...

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sports injury

The Benefit of NYC Physical Therapy

After a sports injury, you need to recover as quickly as you can. Some of this is just on your body; some people heal more quickly than others, and there may not...

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Watsu massage

Massages: Find the relaxation that you are looking for!

After a hard day’s work, best thing is to finish the day with a delicious massage for you to stress a tip foot and you can relax and could relax as it stems....

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Reiki for stress

Alternative therapies have become an excellent choice to improve our health and treat chronic diseases. And when it comes to energy, Reiki is a pioneer. Today, we...

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reiki properties

The Reiki: All its properties!

The word Reiki comes from Indian classical language (Sanskrit), universal meaning energy (Rei) and vital energy (Ki). It is a technique that channels the energy...

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The reiki: Relaxation and healing with the hands!

Reiki is an Eastern technique of curing diseases that increasingly is having a peak, but still remains largely unknown in the Western world, since, like most of...

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Sports massage

Sports massage

Every day, more people are addicted to the sport, discovering its benefits both physical and psychological and social. It is for this reason that sports massage...

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Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage achieved through a series of rhythmic movements to relax the muscles and joints. Hawaiian massage is both relaxing and stimulating. However,...

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Marma massage

What is Marma massage?

The Ayurvedic medicine has a variety of therapies to improve health, and one of them is the Marma massage, which is used to stimulate specific vital points. What...

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