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hair removal laser treatment

Types of Lasers Used for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment removes unwanted hair by pulse of laser light, which destroys the hair follicle. This treatment was first done experimentally about...

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remedies for hair loss

3 natural remedies for hair loss

Usually men are more prone to hair loss than women. In men, this hair problem is called androgenic alopecia. Bear in mind that there are many home remedies to prevent...

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hair loss

Worried about Hair Loss

We wash our hair and create a scare: we see that in our hand or on the floor is an incalculable number of strands. The hair is falling and we don’t know what...

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Hair loss affects

Hair loss affects the morale of the men

When the hair falls, men seem to lose some of their manhood. This is the conclusion reached by a study conducted among men with alopecia. Becoming bald has a direct...

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psoriasis afftects scalp

When psoriasis affects the scalp

In case of psoriasis, it is common that the scalp is affected. However, this location causes the hair to lose its aesthetics and causing a series of itching. In...

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