Foods that can cause swelling

cause swelling
October 24, 2016

Many people know that foods high in fat cause stomach bloating and heaviness, but they are not the only ones. A recent study discovered a group of foods that can also be the cause of that annoying swelling. Let’s know what they are, because it cause swelling and we should avoid it. It is said that probiotics that contains the yogurt operate as a stomach soothing, worse some types of…


5 foods that help strengthen your joints

strengthen joints
April 8, 2016

Every athlete has suffered in some moment some injury to articulate as a result of an excess of exercise, poor training or inadequate warm up. These are annoying lesions that involve pain and inflammations causing the athlete have ceased its activity to get a proper recovery. But what power can do in this regard? A good joint health also depends on proper nutrition, as some foods have certain properties that…


Five foods that burn fat

foods burn fat
June 23, 2015

You can not deny that those rolls of fat that accumulates in areas of the stomach, hips and back are a headache for men and women who want to show off a royal body every summer. And there is nothing worse for your metabolism and overall health that subjecting the body to those calls starvation diets to lose weight and look good in a bathing suit. It is best to…


Carbohydrate foods for the body

carbohydrate foods
February 27, 2015

The body needs many nutrients to function, including one of the most important are carbohydrates. Thanks to them, you have the sufficient energy to be able to give good results perfectly and your immune system is strengthened compared to the risk of contracting any diseases. That is why you should follow a rich diet and balanced in carbohydrates play an important role. Then below takes note of foods rich in…


5 foods that kidney care

foods for kidneys
January 4, 2014

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for the good of our kidneys, because overweight and obesity are risk factors for development of diseases that can damage these organs. There is a way to prevent being overweight is eating a proper diet, including foods that help the kidneys to remove toxins. 5 beneficial foods for the kidneys Foods that are recommended to protect the health of the kidneys are those…


The best foods for menopause

foods for menopause
August 1, 2013

Menopause is a time of significant hormonal changes that often lead us to the limit. So diminish its effects feeding properly is a very important aspect. The decrease in estrogen production that leads to the dreaded menopause, may present with symptoms of moderate to severe, it all depends on the woman. What is certain is that most of the women are an awkward stage, full of discomfort and modifications that…


Baby Food

baby food
June 25, 2013

Lack of food appropriate for babies from the earliest age, can deprive them of the nutrients necessary for optimal physical and intellectual development. So you must ensure complete nutrition, healthy and appropriate diet for your child, according to each stage of his life. In this article we will see some good pointers to follow, and we recommend consulting your pediatrician and coordinate with appropriate weekly diet.


Natural foods to recover voice

vocal cords problem
June 13, 2013

The voice is one of our most valuable tools in day to day and we used to do an action that sets us apart from other animals: talk. Shouting more than normal, cough excessively or intense cold weathers are three reasons that can cause temporary loss of voice, with all the hassle that entails. Although the body is wise and recovers gradually voice alone, eating certain foods and following natural…


Food for the woman

food for women
January 9, 2013

By our constitution, women need daily quantities other than those of men in regard to calcium, vitamins or proteins. So, here we discover 6 essential foods that improve our health and benefit our body. Yogurt It is scientifically proven that women should take a greater amount of calcium than men. Of all dairy products, yogurt is highly recommended by nutritionists, since a 125g Yogurt provides you with 250 mg calcium….


Beware of food addiction

food addiction
November 7, 2012

Food brings pleasure. So be a little sweet or a plate of pasta. What we eat with appetite, it provokes a sense of well-being. The problem is that there are foods that are easier to eat in amounts up to harmful and that, to make matters worse, we can not stop eating. Just as people become addicted to alcohol, drugs or launch parachute, also you can get addicted to food….