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improve eyesight

How to Improve Your Eyesight

If your eyesight is beginning to fail, it might mean that you need some glasses. This happens to many people at some point in their lives, especially those who spend...

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regular eye exams

Why You Need Regular Eye Exams

Your eyes have never been perfect, but they’re far from awful. Sure, you’ve been wearing your current glasses for five years, but they get the job done....

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remove lenses

How to remove lenses preventing infections

Wearing contact lenses is the most comfortable and aesthetic for those who have vision problems, it is time to remove the lenses, however, which requires more attention....

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diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy

This disease has to do with vision and affects 80% to people with diabetes. It is the leading cause of blindness among people 20 to 75 years old. This disease can...

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protect eyes

Ten ways to protect your eyes

Your eyes are precious. You want to keep them all your life. But how to care on a daily basis, both inside and outside? Choose healthy diet “Eat carrots for...

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avoid eye redness

Recommendations to avoid eye redness

If you are due to work several hours a day at the computer, Tablet or Smartphone, it is likely to walk with your irritated eyes. An important fact to consider is...

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care for eyes

How to care for eyes in front of the computer

Do you know that headache; fatigue, eye redness and a poor performance can be caused by the effort that our eyes are carried out every day while in front of a computer...

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caring vision

Tips for caring vision

Not only are the windows of the soul, but that through them we distinguish every detail that surrounds us and we toured the world observing their beauty. But can...

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read on the computer screen

How to read on the computer screen without eye strain

Reading through the computer screen is a normal activity, but it is common for eye strain. Here are some suggestions to try to reduce these effects. Symptoms of...

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optic neuritis

Optic neuritis: What is the cause and treatment?

We are facing a disease, more common among women aged between 15 and 45 years, caused by inflammation of the optic nerve and loss manifests itself in just a few...

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