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meditation improves life

5 ways in which meditation improves life

Several studies have shown that meditation can bring more health benefits than previously believed. Far from being a practice developed by ancient religions such...

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overcome foot pain

Exercises to overcome the foot pain

One of the most common problems of the feet is the foot pain, a pain that most times we cause ourselves by choosing footwear and lack of foot care. But it’s...

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kegel exercise

Kegel Exercises: Strengthen the pelvic floor in pregnancy

During pregnancy need to practice different types of exercises that will help us so much during the 9 months of pregnancy and during labor and postpartum. A variety...

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climbing stairs

Climbing stairs: Healthy benefits

A simple exercise, which we can incorporate into our daily routine, we can draw the interesting benefits as climbing stairs helps strengthen our muscles, improves...

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choose exercise

Physical exercise: What suits you to keep fit

There are plenty of different exercises that anyone can practice in the gym, the outdoors or in our own house, and there is almost always someone who stands fashion...

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back exercise

Back: 5 Steps to take care of fitness

Do you exercise daily? Much of the back pains are the result of a sedentary life. And it is not just poor posture, sitting cross-legged, with the back bent while...

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jacobson method

Jacobson Method: Learn this method of progressive relaxation

Who denies the pleasure of enjoying a few minutes of relaxation? It is not a trivial matter, on the contrary, our body needs and body relaxation, among other reasons,...

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diabetes and exercise

Diabetes: Activate to control sugar

The benefits of exercise are many, and among them is to help control blood sugar levels, making it a good ally for those diagnosed with diabetes. Playing sports,...

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exercising outdoors

5 tips for exercising outdoors without damaging your health

Perform 30 minutes of daily exercise improves physical and emotional health. However, what happens when agents such as pollution, not only puts at risk this activity...

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make arms

5 Steps to make your arms

Do you bother how you make your arm when you shake it? To forget sagging and shame every time you move your arms, here are five basic steps to move the arms and...

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