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childhood diet

Childhood Diet: Food for Growth

Food plays a central role throughout our lives in the prevention of diseases, a role that is multiplied during the stage of infancy and puberty. Some nutrients are...

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breast milk benefits

Breast milk: More benefits, strengthens the intestinal flora

Breast milk is the most complete food for baby, essential for their development and growth during the first six months of life. Benefits of breast milk to which...

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child oral health

Children’s Oral Health: Prevention Tips

It is estimated, according to medical data, it is estimated that one of every three children under six years of age have or had cavities in the teeth. A fact confirms...

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atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis in children

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease that occurs in young children, from birth until they reach the first months of life. This is produced by a dryness in the...

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overcoming leukemia

Leukemia: Most common cancer in children

The leukemia is cancer more common in childhood. Any child can have it, from a newborn to a teenager, however, most small diagnosed with this disease are between...

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newborn baby basic needs

Basic needs of newborn baby

What a baby needs There are certain physiological needs that are essential for the newborn baby to adjust to the new reality that has come to live from birth, but...

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clean baby nose

How to clean baby’s nose

Clean the baby’s nose is usually a difficult task, especially as the child gets upset, so it is necessary to do it with patience. If your baby is cold and...

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child stop breathing

How to do your child stop breathing through the mouth

Are you concerned that your child snores at night, or ride all the time with his mouth open? This is because he can not breathe normally, but calm, according to...

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baby food

Baby Food

Lack of food appropriate for babies from the earliest age, can deprive them of the nutrients necessary for optimal physical and intellectual development. So you...

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heat stroke in children

Avoid heat stroke in children

On summer days we must be extremely careful to avoid heat stroke in children. Follow these tips for high temperatures do not bring bad consequences. Although more...

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