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symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of cancer that men should not ignore

Only 2% of people who present symptoms of “alarm” of cancer is considered as one of the causes. And men tend more often ignore signals that something...

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battle against breast cancer

Breast cancer: A curable disease

Breast cancer is the most common tumor type among women. In fact, doctors and specialists, estimated at one in 10 women suffer this type of cancer. When previously...

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diet against cancer

Diet against cancer: fiber and micronutrients

Follow a healthy life style is the best shield for our health, and not only as an effective preventive measure to reduce the risk of cancer but also other diseases...

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prevent prostate cancer

How to prevent prostate cancer?

Today we can find a lot of health-conscious men and occupied in preventing problems and diseases typical of them, such as prostate cancer. It has been shown in...

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overcoming leukemia

Leukemia: Most common cancer in children

The leukemia is cancer more common in childhood. Any child can have it, from a newborn to a teenager, however, most small diagnosed with this disease are between...

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Healthy living

Healthy living and physical exercise to prevent cancer

A healthy lifestyle could lead to eating a healthy balanced and which add physical activity as important to the development of body and mind. According to a report...

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prevent prostate cancer

Diet against prostate cancer

Let’s see how we can protect the prostate and prevent serious diseases with a proper diet. A wide variety of foods that help a maintenance of this important...

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detection of cancer

Early detection of cancer

It ideal in a cancer, detect it early to facilitate your healing and aggravates the risk that follows when it is discovered in later stages. Early detection will...

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Dignicap testing

Dignicap: an alternative to save the hair in chemotherapy

For women with cancer, hair loss can be devastating. However, there is a clinical trial a device that can save their hair, Called “Dignicap”. It’s...

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