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protect joints

Ways to protect joints

Joints are the places in our body where bones meet, thanks to these we can perform various functions such as running or jumping, but as time goes on our joints are...

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treat arthritis

How arthritis occurs

The arthritis occurs when one or many joints are inflamed for various reasons. The joint is midway between two bone structure moving separated by a layer of slippery...

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Osteoporosis, benefits of exercise

Our body is a perfect natural structure formed by a skeleton which has large number of bones which fulfill different functions, including support, calcium deposition...

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Arthritis or joint pain

The arthritis is when one or more joints become inflamed. A joint is the point at which two bones meet. What is joint pain? The joint pain is caused most often by...

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chronic pain

Ultrasound used to relieve chronic pain

There are two distinct forms of the acute pain caused by trauma such as physical and chronic disorders that can cause a person for years, and is currently used ultrasound...

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